Vera, Carmen und Christina, the three sisters from Nova Levante. They'are doing their job with passion and are always disposed to joke and to laugh. 
Vera welcome you in the reception, Carmen and Christina serve the best meals, prepared from our cooks Miro, Joseph and Stefan 


Always there for you in reception and dinning room: Susi   


A good day starts with a ample breakfast. Sylvia prepares for you an excellent breakfast and brings tee, coffee and chocolate at your table.  

Vicky e Veronika
clean the Hotel and your rooms and make them bright  

Monika is at your disposal in the season of winter 

Carmen is the big chef behind the scenes. She gives with her ceramic creations a special flair to the rooms of the Hotel.
Here you can find her collection:  Kollektion ->

albrecht-klein sonni-blumen-kleinAnd last but not least Albrecht and Sonja. They won't let forget you your vacation!