The area of Rosengarten and Latemar
a singletrailpark between Bolzano and the SellaRonda



The Bike Hotel Diana is situated in the mittle of this beautiful area, which is an absolute paradise for biker. 
On a hight of 1300 m and a view to a lovely landscape we start directly from the Hotel to a mountainbike- freeride- or downhilltour. From simple forest paths to more challenging trails - here is something for everybody.
Especially our guided tour: the circumnavigation
of the Latemar, the Rosengarten and the SellaRonda are our highlights. You can expect an awesome landscape by passing nice alpine cabins and alpine meadows. 
We use also funiculars to reach the highest and coolest trails of the mountains. 
Your host and guide Albrecht and the passionate guide Sonja are always there to give you some good tips for your trips or they accompany you and show you the most beautiful and secret places of the region. :-)